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Welcome to the Long War, the place for bringing the hobby back to wargaming! A podcast hosted by Rob Baer, Kenny Boucher, & Wyatt Turk from Jack of Clubs painting.

Dec 15, 2023

It's our last show ever (for 2023), and we go over what we're looking forward to in 2024, Warhammer the Old World news, and the latest for news for 40k!

Table of Contents

00:00 Opening

09:25 Would You Rather

21:54 Lizard News

50:47 New Years 

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Dec 8, 2023

GW Updated four of the Space Marine Codex books with FAQ errata updates that look good, just in time for Necrons and Ad Mech to arrive on the scene!

Table of Contents

00:00 Opening

08:00 Would You Rather

15:04 Lizard News

29:40 FAQ

Dec 1, 2023

Our live audience chimes in with some shocking facts about Warhammer the Old World, Age of Sigmar, and Horus Heresy.

Table of Contents

00:00 Opening

05:30 Would You Rather

11:10 Lizard News

31:35 Fantasy Talk